About Us

We are gamers and academics and American Indians.

We have almost ten academic degrees among us all. We have published academic papers and books.  We have taught at prestigious universities.  We are active participants in our communities as public scholars and social equity workers.

But mostly we are geeks who love to play games – all sorts of games. 

In combining these various interests, we work towards:
•    Bringing our indigeneity and social equity skills with us into the gaming aspect of popular culture
•    Increasing a scholarly indigenous presence within popular culture
•    Using our indigenous and our academic knowledge within our gaming
•    Modeling indigenous philosophies and understandings within gaming

The Researchers

Jeanette Bushnell, PhD

A semi-retired Anishinaabe university professor who has played games for nearly six decades.
Academic interests:  indigenous philosophies, indigenous pedagogy, social equity, feminisms, Trickster, game playing, stories and storytelling.

Gaming background: My gaming interests have followed the technology trajectory beginning in the 1950’s with card games, board games, role-playing, puzzles, neighborhood games such as Kick The Can, and pick-up ball games.  Video gaming moved through Pong, Asteroids, Tetris, Zelda, Mario, Carmen Sandiego, Prince of Persia, and Gizmos. I entered the MMORPG world when WoW came out of beta to spend time with my children who are gamers.  By the time first person shooters on contemporary consoles made it big, my physical response times had aged beyond competitive play ability. 

Since my PhD years, game playing for entertainment has diminished while it has increased as an academic interest.


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Jonathan S. Tomhave, PhD

Academic Interests: Intercultural Communication, Mass Communication, Interpersonal Communication, American Indian Studies, Indigenous studies, Media Studies, Media Production, Representation, Identity, Ethnography of Communication, Power Relationships, Agency plus Resistance, Issues of Sovereignty, Games, and Gamification.

While my work has focused on issues of identity, power relationships and acts of performative resistance by Indigenous actors in both mainstream and alternative productions. However, I have always held a deep, passionate interest in games. It is this passion that has led Jonathan to his current work, both in game development and gamification of communication practices.


Additional Information:

Tylor Prather

Seattle, WA (South Park)/Winnipeg Canada

Academic Background: University of Washington B.A. American Indian Studies


Personal Background: First and foremost, I am a geek, I have gamed on consoles that are older than me and have played D&D since I was 6. My geek family spans generations from trading card enthusiasts, to tabletop, miniature wargaming, to playing on consoles and PCs. I am interested in all things that surround gaming, from play and creating worlds from nothing but imagination with some pens and paper, to constructing both arms and armor. Second, after discovering the joy of research, I have also become an academic. It is with this joy that I have developed an eye to critically analyze games and gamification. In addition, I have worked in Minority outreach under the Banner of M.E.S.A (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) at the University of Washington as program assistant for 6 years and 3 years before that as a math tutor. My work in outreach brought me to the conclusion that creativity especially in STEM cannot be given room to grow if it is not explored. In that exposure of the sciences and the activities that go beyond textbook reading reveal to students an interest that may have never been explored without that initial exposure.

Area of interest in Academia and Research

  • The application of indigenous worldviews into Games.

  • Indigenous languages, culture, science, philosophy etc.

  • Minority outreach, Social Justice and Social Equality.


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