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It all started over lunch.

Seriously, one day in late September 2014 we were at lunch and started talking about what games we were playing at the time. As academics tend to do, we started to critique these games, deconstructed them, started to identify what was problematic about them, and started to sketch some possible solutions. After a few more discussions, we decided that we should not only we conduct research and write an article or two, but that we should take a stab at making a game in our spare time. Because as Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear and The Grand Tour fame has said countless times;


"How hard could it be?"


We are active participants in our communities, public scholars and social equity workers. But mostly we are geeks who love to play games – all sorts of games. 

In combining these various interests, we work towards:

  • Bringing our indigeneity and social equity skills with us into the gaming aspect of popular culture

  • Increasing a scholarly indigenous presence within popular culture

  • Using our indigenous and our academic knowledge within our gaming

  • Modeling indigenous philosophies and understandings within gaming

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